The Traits All Computer Programmers Share

Computer Programmers, also referred to as Software Engineers or Systems Programmers, design and create software programs, integrate systems and software, as well as dealing with coding, debugging, and maintaining operating systems. Computer Programmers are very skilled in what they do, they’re organized, and meticulous.

Most Computer Programmers earned degrees in Computer Science, however, there are many great programmers that are self-taught. Having a degree and knowing how to write code doesn’t mean you’re going to be a successful programmer. There are many other qualities that you must possess in order to succeed as a programmer. Here’s a breakdown of many traits that computer programmers share.

Good Communication Skills

A good developer or programmer is able to analyze a situation, break it down, and come up with a quick solution. When developing software, you’re not just working on new technology, but you are helping people. You need to be able to talk with people to get a better understanding of exactly what it is they want out of the software. Developers often need to send and receive important documents, so being able to write clearly and effectively is also important. Some of the best developments usually speak multiple languages and have no issues with documentation in other languages.

Two women in front of computer with HTML code on screen
Two women in front of computer with HTML code on screen

Enjoys Problem Solving

Building apps and programming is not an easy process. Trying to figure out why certain codes aren’t working, how someone hacked your website, or what’s causing a virus requires major problem solving skills that programmers love. They look at it as solving puzzles and sudoku, much like playing competitive card game. Programmers believe that there is always a solution to the problem no matter what, and they don’t give up until it’s found. If you can solve puzzles under pressure, then you’d make an amazing programmer. When systems crash, you’re going to have angry clients hounding you until everything’s back up and running.

Enjoys Learning

The best programmers not only are self-learners, but they absolutely enjoy learning. Those computer programmers who were self-taught have the ability to learn new technologies on their own and they aren’t intimidated by the advancements in technology. No one knows the answer to everything, however, if a great computer programmer doesn’t know the answer, he or she will find it. They’ll use their many resources, talk to the right people, and find the answer to the problem no matter what. Knowing how to learn is a skill that everyone should master, and successful developers have done so.

Business Oriented

Good developers and programmers need to be business savvy. Since businesses use technology to solve their problems, it is important for the programmer to understand the company’s business in order to better serve them. The more prepared the programmer is and the more they understand the problems, the easier it will be for them to find solutions. The best programmers are interested in the business and ask relevant questions. For some programmers, they may become so interested in business, that they end up taking courses and work towards obtaining certificates in business.

Good Team Players

Many coders work alone, however, when it comes to computer programming and developing software, these are team efforts. It is important for programmers to get along with any co-workers and clients that they may have. It is important for them to be able to deal with people of all different personality types and respond respectfully when differences in opinions arise. Also, it is important to get to know your co-workers or teammates on a more personal level. By doing so, it will make working together just a little easier.


Good computer programmers are flexible and can easily adapt to change. Projects, deadlines, and work requirements are always changing and it’s important for programmers to be able to switch their focus and prioritize accordingly. Changes in details may be small and temporary, while others may be huge and permanent. It is crucial that the programmer adapts well, no matter the situation. No matter the case, it’s important for the developer to show professionalism at all times, even though sudden, frequent changes may cause stress and frustration.

HTML Code on laptop screen
HTML Code on laptop screen


The best programmers are extremely reliable. They have great time management and task management skills. Good programmers adhere to deadlines and understand that when a task must be completed by a certain date, that you must do whatever it takes to get it done. Even if it means having a few late nights. A way that programmers can ensure that they meet all deadlines is to accurately estimate the amount of time needed to complete certain tasks. Excellent programmers are able to get the tasks done before the deadline. Of course, there’s no need to be a workaholic or give up your personal life, but showing that you are committed to completing your projects in a timely fashion will benefit you in the long run.